Recently, I have once again embarked on a journey of vegetarianism. I have been off and on again vegetarian since I was 12, basically only eating meat the last couple of years, after giving birth. Now that I’m back on track, it has been a real struggle to find a wide variety of sophisticated restaurants that cater to a vegetarian palate. I was very impressed by Aqua’s newest healthy creation, that is pushing experimental boundaries of luxury dinning. Aqua is one of the most trend setting fine dinning restaurants in Hong Kong. Their newest concept is based on preparing dishes at 42º degrees or below with ingredients that are extremely fresh and raw they retain many health benefits; and have successfully taken classic Italian dishes to the next level. I was extremely lucky, they prepared my 4 course meal completely vegetarian and it was absolutely beautiful and delicious. However for me when I eat at any fine dining establishment I’m usually left starving and craving a burger after 5 mins.

If your looking to elevate your vegetarian game or non vegetarian too of course. I highly recommend giving this a try. If raw food is not your thing then the views and cocktails will impress even the hardest to please.



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