January 25th 2015, by Cara G Mcilroy in Beauty

Feeling fresh and looking fresh is a constant battle for every woman, which leaves us forever searching for great skincare products. I was super excited when asked to trial these products from FRESH as I had heard about this brand at a beauty award ceremony I attended recently. FRESH walked away winning many of the awards, which left me, intrigued.

Winter is almost here, so a skincare range that is hydrating is my main priority. Hydration is especially important to me, as I tend not to wear make-up so I want to achieve a natural glow from healthy skin. FRESH delivered impressive results, and my skin was glowing after just three days. Ultimate Ageless Complexion Treatment was perfect for these winter months. It is made of predominately natural oils, which they pride in saying, are hand made. Handmade or not the results were lovely my skin was in heaven. I love natural oil based skin treatments as my skin is always dry, and I strongly believe they deliver raw nutrients right into your skin as they have hardly been processed if at all. The Eye Cream was also perfect for winter; it’s quite thick so great to keep your eyes hydrated throughout the whole night and day, especially in this dry weather.

I loved the subtle natural scents of the products. For me, there is nothing worse then highly scented products. The Ultimate Treatment Toner had a beautiful, delicate rose scent that seemed very natural and refreshing. No yucky alcohol intense odor like other toners on the market.

The two moisturizers were very different and although both suggest to be used night and day I followed my own rules and used The Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment in the evening and Ultimate Ageless Complexion Treatment in the day in order to give you a proper review. At first glance and touch I thought I would have to use quite allot of The Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment to cover my entire face as the cream seemed very thick but after slightly rubbing it on my fingertips a little went a long way. The cream was so hydrating, and my skin was so soft the next morning. I don’t think I would use this product in the daytime though as it left your skin quite oily but perfect for the evening. On the other hand, I found that the Ultimate Ageless Complexion Treatment was perfect for the day. It has such a beautiful lightweight texture that was absorbed into my skin almost instantly.

Overall I was very happy with the results of FRESH, and I very much look forward to trying more of their products.