August 3rd 2015, by Cara G Mcilroy in Family


When I started Genie Juicery I was contacted by an Australian company that supplied organic bamboo apparel. They contacted me via my Instagram account as they thought I would love their products as they are all organic and sustainable. Inline with our philosophies at Genie Juicery.  They were right. Their t-shirts were amazing, so comfortable, eco-friendly and lightweight. I was very impressed with the feeling and quality that I ordered all our staff t-shirts from them.

At this point in time I had not really  heard of bamboo in the form of a fabric or textile.

Now moving on a few years later having forgotten about them (sorry Ettitude) they contacted me again to introduce me to their new bed linen range.  I was not going to say no, sure send me some and let me test it out. Why not right? All I have to say is that I have never slept better.  To be honest I really didn’t think there would be such a huge difference in linen.  Sadly I have been ikea all the way in regards to linen up until now.

Now their website claims the below benefits


All I can tell you is that I have never slept better. They feel amazing on your skin and anything that is chemical free is a plus in my books especially for my kids. Even my husband who wouldn’t really comment on these sorts of things is constantly saying how they are the best sheets he has ever slept on. He wants us to replace all our linen with bamboo.  I was quite worried about the prices to be honest. The original duvet set was gifted to us so I had no idea of the costs. After looking at their website I was delighted to see that their prices were very fair, especially for something that is organic. We all know that usually when you hear the word “organic” it is

attached to numerous dollar signs.  Not in this case. Ettitude also offers worldwide free shipping for orders over $70 aussie dollars which isn’t bad at all.

Ettitude is worth checking out and now is the time to do so as the Australian dollar is so low so its even more affordable. I promise you will thank me.



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