Photograpghy by Jesper McIlroy

Byron Bay has always been one of my favorite places in the world and now even more so. On my latest trip down under I discovered this amazing restaurant, The Farm. I’m not sure if restaurant would even be the correct word. This place is more like a hipster, eco chic theme park for food lovers. Now to sum it up it is a locally sustained organic restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, bar, florist, supermarket and organic farm.  The food here is absolutely divine! If your in a hurry this isn’t the place to go.  It can take quite some time to get a table and even once you get one, the foods takes forever to arrive but in my opinion it is well worth the wait. However if you are starving or needing a caffeine boost, as I do almost all the time you can go grab a coffee or a pastry from the bakery to tie you over. There is also a tone of things to keep your mind off your grumbling belly like taking a stroll around the property. There are pigs, chickens and beautiful green pastures for you to enjoy. You can read up about each part of the farm and even chat to the farmers about their practices.  The florist is simply beautiful and the supermarket is filled with books and local produce to keep you entertained. It is truly a magiacl place. Myself and my family spent hours there, I found it so relaxing and inspiring. It also helped that they had amazing coffee made with their own nutmilks too. The Farm is situated just off the highway into Byron Bay so you don’t need to go right into the hussel and busel of Byron centre to enjoy The Farm. The perfect family day out for those tribes that love good vibes and heathy treats. I loved The Fram so much that I’m completely inspired to start my own mini farm one day. A girl can dream.


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