June 1 st 2015, by Cara G Mcilroy in Family


PHOTOGRAPHY : Jesper McIlroy

As the due date for number two draws closer, I can’t help but reflect back to my first pregnancy.
I loved being pregnant first time round.  I had never felt more beautiful or more energized. The excitement of experiencing this amazing blessing, growing inside me for the first time, sent me into a state of nirvana. Everything was wonderfully new and unknown. I loved how I would catch my husband staring at my changing body. Sometimes lovingly, other times more in shock – almost like I was an alien he was analyzing for a science experiment, wondering how far my skin could stretch before I would explode!  I loved how he would caress my belly, read it stories or play it music. And I would watch him fall into a deep love for our unborn child. There was many a sleepless night thinking of names and just staring into space wondering how our lives would change, If they would change. Would we change? Was religion now of more importance? So many things to keep our minds occupied over what seemed like a never-ending nine months of pregnancy. These times will always be some of my greatest memories.
When we found out we were pregnant, spending quality time with each other became our first priority.  We wanted to have as much time as possible loving just each other before India came into the world.  I wanted him to be a part of the experience too, not just an onlooker.  We fell pregnant literally right after our wedding and our big plans to travel to Mexico for our honeymoon were replaced with a baby-moon to the Maldives. It was perfect.  Two weeks to relax in paradise and reconnect with each other.  It rained a lot of the time but we didn’t care. We snorkeled everyday, played card games, snuggled and watched the storms brew in over the sea. It was on this trip that my talented husband Jesper captured my pregnancy perfectly. I’m taking this opportunity to share some of these intimate pictures with you.




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