October 7th 2015, by Cara G Mcilroy in Family

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The day India Wilde was born time stood still and I was transported to another planet. This is what parenthood feels like. Out of this world.
Everything you hear people say is true and you finally understand it. Comments like “I’m so tired, but it’s all worth it”. You have never experienced exhaustion, real exhaustion until you become a parent. I am constantly complaining. Followed by saying “oh I can’t wait to have another one” or “I miss being pregnant”. Reality check I just gave birth 8 weeks ago and now I have two babies under the age of one and a half! Does your life change? Yes, yes it does and like people say it’s for the better.

Pregnancy for me, second time round was hard. Really hard. Those lovey dovey moments I spoke so fondly of in my first pregnancy were almost non-existent second time round. Don’t get me wrong, Jesper and I were just as excited and in love with this new child as we were with India. But we were exhausted this time round and totally wrapped up in an India love bubble.
While pregnant with India I was full of energy and kept exercising and working until the day I popped. I embraced my big beautiful pregnant body and self and loved it. I gained 26kg by the end and honestly have never felt sexier.

This time was completely different. I suffered terrible morning sickness for 4 months which was amplified as I had to take care of a baby. My immune system seemed to be so weak, I caught every virus going around. It was so bad that I was hospitalized twice. I was lethargic and suffered from horrible varicose veins. I was also told that my beautiful baby Freija Rain had a small chance of being born with abnormalities. Possibly due to the viruses I had contracted early in my pregnancy. I was so stressed, sick, and even a little depressed some days.

My third trimester is when I stopped worrying about the things I had no control over. I enjoyed the last few precious weeks being pregnant and being a mother of one. I took time off work and spent every waking second with India. We painted, went to the beach, the pool. Snuggled on the sofa and rubbed and talked to my belly. It was truly wonderful watching India cuddle and kiss little Freija through my tummy. I felt she knew she was becoming a big sister. And that there, inside me was the greatest gift Mummy and Daddy could ever give her. A best friend for life. It was magical.




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