LOCATION: AIG carnival Hong Kong WEARING: n/nicholas top and pants from Lane Crawford. Bag and heels from Jimmy Choo

Carnivals take me back to being a child.  I grew up in a small country town in Victoria, Australia, where there really wasn’t much but farm land and rolling hills.  Every year when the carnival came to a nearby town, I remember the rush it would give me.  It seemed like another world. One in which you could be transported into for brief moment in time.  Fairy floss, balloons and the infamous ferris wheel, which is at almost every fair, was magical to me.  I remember my sister and I hoping the boys we liked from school would be there. Dressing up in our best outfits to impress, or maybe even having a first kiss. It was all very innocent of course, but those butterflies, thrills and memories always come flooding back to me whenever I see a Carnival. It’s the epitome of nostalgia.


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