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When looking for a restful weekend away we often look to places abroad. Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia are usually our top choices as they are close by and affordable. I still love these places just like the rest of you. But with a growing family in tow the whole airport, packing fiasco is exhausting just to think about. Especially just for a night or two. That is why last weekend we opted for a staycation at the Grand Hyatt instead.
No waking up at some crazy hour to rush to the airport, no immigration lines or long taxi rides. No stress about things you have not packed. As you can get home in 10 minutes. You will also have a happy family because everyone was able to sleep in, a little.
We were lucky as the gods blessed us with amazing weather so we pretty much spent the entire weekend at the pool. It was heavenly, we ate like kings at the buffet for lunch one day and pool side À la carte the next.
Another great thing about being so close to home you have the comfort of having someone you know babysitting the kids for the night. We had our baby sitter pick India up at 5pm sat so we could have a romantic night in. We had big plans to go out on a date night. Even go to the movies but instead we ordered room service and went to bed early. As lame as that sounds it was exactly what the doctor ordered.
We managed to sleep in until 8am which is a “sleep in” in our books these days. We had India dropped back to us at 9am. We had arranged an 11am drop off, but we missed her like crazy so brought it forward. We all enjoyed a delicious buffet breakfast before spending another perfect day poolside.
All in all I would recommend everyone to try a staycation for a well deserved weekend away.
It was not the cheapest weekend away. But if I was to compare it to the cost of flights, accommodation and travel time for a family of 3, it was worth it for sure. When booking your staycation don’t forget to ask about deals for locals.



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